Thung Nang Ninh Binh

Thung Nang is tourist attraction in Ninh Binh Province is a flooded area adjacent to Tam Coc and also closed to Bich Dong pagoda. While Tam Coc is flanked by rice fields and has more activities, Thung Nang attraction is a pristine and untouched area. There’s not much human activities here, only a few people fishing in the wild area…

☑ Hanoi to Thung Nang road-map

Road map for way from Hanoi to Tam Coc then keep going to Thung Nang

(Roadmap – Hanoi to Thung Nang attraction in Ninh Binh – source: Googlemap)

In this map, you can see the way from Hanoi to get to Thung Nang, You have to go to Tam Coc first, then over Tam Coc for one km more, you can see the Thung Nang attraction on the right and some more steps, you can see Bich Dong Pagoda on the left.

 ☑ What things to do in Thung Nang attraction?

The rowing boat trip at Thung Nang attraction is more than 2 hours boat ride for round trip. Thung Nang is located in Dan Khe village, Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province, Thung Nang means Sunshine Valley is a new attraction in Ninh Binh, that connects Bich Dong pagoda and Voi Dai temple, after nearly one hour boat ride, you will be in little Thung Nang valley – this one seem hidden area without touristy, you also pass over the Nang grotto, and trekking trail to Doi Nham mountain.Thung Nang

(The view of Thung Nang – pic by tourist department)

The beauty of Thung Nang Valley is a complex of historical relics and natural beauty which can organize some types of tourism: Religion tourism, Eco tourism, sightseeing, grottoes discovery, mountain climbing, etc…

☑ Recommendation

>>> When ever you have change to go to Ninh Binh for a coup of days, You should to go to visit Thung Nang attraction together Tam Coc & Bich Dong pagoda.

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